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Auto Cash Out From Bet365

Auto Cash Out From Bet365

With Bet365 Auto Cash Out function you can set a rule in advance for when you want to cash out your bet.

How it works

With Bet365 you now have the option to create an Auto Cash Out request once you have placed your bet. If the Cash Out value reaches or exceeds the threshold you have set, your bet will automatically be settled and the funds added to your balance.

To set an Auto Cash Out request, simply click on the cog icon to the right of the Cash Out button, enter the threshold that you would like to set in the ‘If the value reaches’ section and then select ‘Create Rule’.

You can also set an Auto Cash Out request for part of your bet. This will allow you to select a specific amount of the Cash Out value that you want to be settled, leaving the remainder of your stake to be settled in accordance with the final result relating to your bet. To select this option, use the radio button within the Auto Cash Out tab.

With Bet365 Auto Casho Out - you set the rules. Available to new and existing customer.

Auto Cash Out with Bet365
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